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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings offer long term protection from the harsh environment and provide amazing chemical protection to paint, wheels, glass, vinyl wraps, and paint protection film. Cermic coatings have self-cleaning abilities which keep your vehicle cleaner for a longer period of time. They also add incredible, gloss and shine when installed properly.

With A ceramic coating applied to your paintwork and/or paint protection film, you will not need to apply waxes or sealants for protection, so maintenance is incredibly easy with simple washes and maintenance sprays. We recommend yearly inspections of the coating to insure it is performing at its optimal level.

Paint Correction

Paint correction, also known as paint polishing or paint enhancement, is the act of leveling paint to remove defects. Swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots all distort the appearance of the paint underneath. These imperfections create peaks and valleys that distort and reflect the light differently. To get the most shine and mirror like reflections, the peaks and valleys need to be leveled out and light needs to reflect directly back off the surface. Machine polishing and sanding removes a small fraction of clear coat around these imperfections, therefore, leveling the clear coat, making it invisible and giving you the gloss and depth, you desire. Depending on the condition of your paint and desired results, we can perform either a one-step polish or a multi-step paint correction.

Auto Detailing

From the smallest nooks and crannies of your interior to the top of your sunroof, our team’s thorough detailing will leave your car ready to impress your passengers and yourself alike. Whether you're looking for your leather seats to be cleaned and conditioned or your overall interior tough points to feel brand new, our Game Auto Detailing team is the one for you. For all in and around Stafford County, VA, call today!

Windshield Repair & Protection

A chipped or cracked windshield can create hazardous driving, especially at night when lights can create glare in the cracks and distort your view of what’s ahead of you. You deserve the best service at an affordable price, let us help with your cracked windshield and make it so that you’ll be driving a vehicle that looks great and is ready for a long trip in no time.

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